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11X safter the leading OEM filters

ADXORB™ is our specially formulated and tested activated carbon that effectively removes the range of harmful chemicals that could enter your tractor cabin.

Replacement OEM
Carbon Filters

Purecab’s proven and tested range of Activated Carbon Filters are designed to easily replace your OEM dust filter. Once installed, our filter with ADXORB™ Activated Carbon will effectively remove harmful chemicals before they enter your cabin.

Made from durable materials, each filter can be reused over again saving you on costs while delivering clean cabin air. Purecab chemical filters are tested and exceed industry standards.


External Filtration Units

Purecab’s range of external filtration units come with in inbuilt motor and high performance dust and chemical filtration. East to install on the exterior of most vehicles, tractors, ATV’s, caravans, or any cabin that will be exposed to dust or chemicals. Plumbing the clean air from the unit provides the operator with clean and safe air.

There are 4 models in the range, designed to suit various airflow and dust and chemical capture requirements. Ultraguard is our most popular and provides the highest safety level against chemicals, and the UGM09, UGM10 and UGM12 units each perform to remove dust and chemicals offering various levels of volume and power.

Each unit is supplied with an easily replaceable Purecab Dust or Activated Carbon filter. Ask us for more details.

Dust Filters

Designed to remove dust, pollens, and impurities from the air before entering your cabin. Our specifically designed dust filters are made with long lasting aluminium, and have 3 different layers of filtration media to capture the smallest of particles. Each filter has replaceable dust pads meaning your filter unit can last for years. Order replacement pads from Purecab and save over time.


The process of adsorption is where contaminated airborne particles and vapours are attracted to the surface of the activated carbon. Each activated carbon piece has a surface area of the size of a football field! This means it can adsorb chemicals for a period until the surface is full, at which time the carbon is due for replacement.

We can supply our ADXORB™ Activated Carbon, suitable for most spraying applications, or specific carbon for applications such as ammonia. If you’re unsure, just contact us for advice.


Scientific results

In late 2022 extensive testing was completed on a range of chemical filters at Assay Technologies USA. Testing was to strict industry standard ASABE S613-3 for tractor chemical cabins, where effective filtration performance to protect the operator’s health is critical.

Alongside filters from various manufacturers, Purecab’s filters with ADXORB™ Activated Carbon were the only ones to pass the standard, and performed well beyond all others. Chemical adsorption was up to 11x greater and the filter’s effective life continued to perform went beyond the required standard duration.


Purecab filters exceed industry safety standards for international brands


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