Our cabin air filters absorb the most chemicals.

Enjoy Clean Cabin Air

Enjoy Clean Cabin Air

In late 2022 extensive testing was completed on a range of chemical filters at Assay Technologies USA. Testing was to strict industry standard ASABE S613-3 for tractor chemical cabins, where effective filtration performance to protect the operator’s health is critical.

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ADXORB™ Activated Carbon

Alongside filters from various manufacturers, Purecab’s filters with ADXORB™ Activated Carbon were the only ones to pass the standard, and performed well beyond all others. Chemical adsorption was up to 11x greater and the filter’s effective life continued to perform went beyond the required standard duration.



Cleans air over 11x better than the leading OEM models. Surpassing International standards.



Over 1400 filter models to fit every tractor. All major brands, makes and models.



Our filters are 100% reusable. Saving over 5 tonnes from landfill per year!



Purecab air filters are used worldwide to provide clean, safe cabin air.

Enjoy Clean Cabin Air

Since 1988 Purecab has excelled at designing and supplying international markets with tractor cabin air filters, protecting farmers from harmful chemicals. We proudly boast ‘Enjoy Clean Cabin Air’ as our drive to ensure our filters adsorb contaminants before they enter your workspace.

Purecab uses ADXORB™ Activated Carbon in all filters, proven to protect you more effectively than competitor products. And our chemical filters are reusable, and made to specifically fit tractor makes and models worldwide.

We produce over 1,400 cabin filters and external filter models to suit most tractors in the agricultural, construction, and forestry market. If we don’t have it, we will design, test, and make it!


Over 1400 Filters

Purecab are the experts in designing and manufacturing cabin air filters to replace OEM filters. Each filter is designed to fit inside your existing tractor cabin housing and provide safe air protection against chemicals.

Over 1400 models are available with more being designed and tested as new tractor models are released. We supply ADXORB™ Activated Carbon chemical filters as well as dust filters, both made with long lasting materials.

Our chemical filters are manufactured with a clear window to indicate when your filter needs replacement — as the indicator beads change colour, you can be aware of your filter’s expected performance.


Kubota M Series L Series B Series

ADXORB™ Activated Carbon Filters

With over 30 years of experience designing and supplying cabins to farmers worldwide. Proudly using ADXORB™ Activated Carbon.

Tractor cabin chemical filters are tested and designed for most makes and models.

Kubota M Series L Series B Series

External Filtration

Ultraguard and UGM models are popular for 4WDs and pickup trucks, construction equipment, and ATVs.

Our range of external units can be easily installed on vehicles for protection from both dust and harmful chemicals.

Kubota M Series L Series B Series

Dust Filters

Purecab Dust filters are made with the same durable materials as our chemical filters.

With three different layers of dust protection, each are designed to remove various particle sizes. We supply reusable dust filters to last the most extreme conditions.

Is it time to recharge your filter?

Recharging your filters is better for the environment, and can save costs by not buying new filters each time.

An activated carbon air filter should be replaced every 12 months or 400 hours, whichever comes sooner. We believe that prioritizing your health should not be an expensive exercise.

Our filters have been designed to be reused multiple times and over many years.

Express Recharge service is performed in Australia and New Zealand markets, with more markets to follow.


Save up to 50% by recharging

your Purecab filters

Spraying Safe

Purecab filters with ADXORB™ Activated Carbon are proven to remove more harmful chemicals before they enter your tractor cabin. When spraying agricultural chemicals, you need to ensure you and your employees are protected from exposure. Long durations spent in a tractor cabin can be a high-risk environment that needs to be managed.

Purecab filters work effectively to absorb chemicals before they enter into the cabin. Chemicals are firstly filtered by the two layers of industrial strength dust pads, then any remaining impurities are adsorbed by the 25mm layer of compacted ADXORB Activated Carbon, allowing clean air to transfer into your cabin.

Our filters are tested and exceed international standards, most recently ASABE S613-3 for tractor cabins.


Purecab filters exceed industry safety standards for international brands


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