Over 1400 filters

We design, test, and manufacture over 1,400 cabin filters and external filter models and ship worldwide.

About Us

Since 1988 Purecab has been the market leader for providing clean cabin air. Established through our farming roots, we have developed the most effective carbon filtration process within our tractor cabin air filters. We proudly boast ‘Enjoy Clean Cabin Air’ as our mission to ensure our activated carbon filters adsorb contaminants before they enter your cabin.

Located in South Australia with reach across Australia, New Zealand, and active customers across worldwide markets, Purecab has forged a reputation since 1992 as the go-to brand when seeking cabin air filtration. Our customers are loyal tractor dealers and mechanical service teams, looking after a range of tractor and equipment operators. Our chin air filters suits brands ranging from John Deere, New Holland, Fendt Kubota, Class Case and more. We also supply external air filter units for any vehicle, ATV or tractor that does not have a sufficient air conditioning system.

The Purecab team are always working on continual improvement of our standards and processes, with a culture to deliver the highest quality products and efficient service.



Design and Manufacture

We design, test, and produce over 1,400 cabin filters and external filter models to suit most tractors in the agricultural, construction, and forestry market. As new tractor models are released we will design and test to ensure an easy replacement for your OEM filter.

The Purecab team are a dedicated and skilled group that share the vision of delivering the best chemical air protection for our agricultural customer base, with consistent quality and exceptional service. Our carbon filters use ADXORB™ Activated Carbon which has been specially designed and manufactured within our filters and is proven to be the most effective available.

Importantly, Purecab filters are reusable. Once used, you can return your filters to our offices and our experienced team will perform a full reconditioning service.

We supply to over 400 dealers in Australia and New Zealand, and have export sales across the world. Better for the environment, and a significant cost saving! 

Safe money and reduce your landfill

The environment is important to us. so you can take advantage of our Express Recharge service. Return your used carbon filter to us and our experienced team will completely recondition it within 24 hours and return to it you. We have Express Recharge facilities in Australia, New Zealand, and other markets coming soon.